A recent increase in our dependency on smartphones has made them a lifeline to connectivity – even in the business world. As that becomes more and more the case, mobile applications have exploded into the marketplace. Some of these apps are great, some are good enough and others are a waste of time and money. There are a few factors to consider when contemplating a business app including cost, effectiveness at solving a business problem, ease of use and connection to outside resources. Here is a list of four great business apps that will make you more efficient, judged on those criteria.



This application takes time keeping for projects and makes it simple, pretty and transparent. Every user can see who is working on which project, which is amazing for efficiency, while also saving all of this info so that timecards can be created with a snap of your fingers. It can also create invoices, accept payment and it connects with over 70 other business apps to keep ideas flowing. Harvest starts with a 30 day free trial and then charges monthly depending upon the size of your business.


TripIt has two options, free and Pro. Both applications track every detail of your travel itinerary, but the Pro option takes all of the stress out of travel. It alerts you when the seat you want becomes available, when you’re eligible for a refund and when any changes happen with your flights. If you have a team who are traveling to different places you can also go for the TripIt for Teams option and allow everyone’s itineraries to be clearly displayed. Like many business apps, the monthly price varies depending upon the number of users, but you can use the regular app for yourself for free to check it all out.



No one likes expense reports. Keeping track of receipts while you’re on the road is a huge hassle and organizing that data when you return home is a time suck. With Expensify those troubles get thrown out the window. Scan your receipts and this little guy organizes them and stores them for you. If you need your reports to sync with CRM or payroll software, you can opt to spend a few bucks each month to use an upgraded version.


To Do list apps are all the rage, but some outshine the rest. GoodTask uses iOS and integrates with it to create a task manager that takes the guesswork out of working. It basically takes the built-in calendar on your iPhone or iPad and makes it prettier and more powerful. There is a free app for your gadgets and an upgraded version with more functionality for a one-time fee of $4.99.