Pen & Calculator on Accounts Receivable Ledger

Put Your AR to Work For You

Many executives and managers try to avoid their accounts receivables at all cost. That’s because they’re concerned about their perception with clients as being both service provider and bill collector. These concerns are certainly well-founded, yet not if you know how to put your AR to work for you. That’s what we here at Reliable Funding can show you.

We offer an Accounts Receivable Financing Program that allows you to turn outstanding customer invoices into immediate cash. You sell those invoices to us, allowing us to assume the responsibility of collecting on them. Then, going forward, we work together to ensure that any future clients with whom you’re considering doing business in the future don’t present a bad debt risk. This process is known as factoring, and is a terrific way to turn your attention away from AR and back to growing your business.

Program Benefits

Among the many benefits you’ll enjoy from this program are:

  • No recourse if your current clients are unable to pay on their invoices
  • Increased funding opportunities through increased sales leading to increased production capacity
  • The ability to pay suppliers back faster and the immediately reorder

We’re offering you the chance to eliminate all of the hassles of AR along with an infusion of business capital that you can use immediately to help support or expand your operations. Together, we can ensure that your invoices don’t come to represent outstanding balances owed by customers, but rather assets from which you can draw your expansion funds. For more details on financing receivables, just call can speak with one of our financial experts today.