Two Healthcare Professionals in Office Building

We Are Proud to Offer Working Capital to Healthcare Practices

Today’s competitive economy makes it difficult for healthcare workers to get a foothold, especially if they do not have a good source of capital. Here at Reliable Funding, we do our small part to help healthcare professionals succeed by offering healthcare financing. We commonly provide financing for dentists, veterinarians, chiropractors, doctors and others in the medical field.

Financing Details

If you want to expand your practice, consolidate your debt into one easy monthly payment, or take care of pressing personal needs, take advantage of our generous loan options. Working capital can be used for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Improvement
  • Equipment
  • Practice acquisition
  • Expansion

Our loans include generous terms up to 72 months with no requirement for up-front payments. Additionally, applicants do not need to worry about the loan being reported to their personal credit bureaus.

Equipment Leasing

Medical professionals need equipment in order to perform their jobs well. Our healthcare financing can be used to lease necessary equipment so that healthcare practices can grow without facing the full burden of equipment costs on their own. This program includes as much as 50% for soft costs and a variety of payment options.


Healthcare professionals who want to acquire additional practices and grow exponentially can use working capital supplied by us to buy out a partner or acquire a new practice. Qualified medical professionals may be approved to receive 100 percent financing.

Apply today for healthcare financing by calling 704-241-0840. We look forward to your call.